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State laws often limit (to six months) the time to which policies can be backdated. It’s unusual for an insurance company to provide an earlier effective date than what you originally qualified for at the time you enrolled in a plan.To prevent this change in premium, a policy may be backdated to save the previous age of the applicant.

Since age is one key factor in determining how much you will pay for your policy, it’s important to keep your age as low as possible when your policy is issued.

In this case, their coverage can start the day they’re born or adopted even if you didn’t add them to your plan immediately. The effective date upon approval when you sign up for this program is typically the date you submit your application even if you don’t receive immediate approval.

In some states Medicaid will pay for any outstanding medical bills that you incurred three months prior to your approval date.

If you could do this, nobody would ever buy car insurance until after an accident happened.

That would have the effect of turning the car insurance industry’s risk-assessment-based business model on its head.