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Distributed cache updating for the dynamic source routing protocol ieee avan jogia dating anyone

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The route cache strategy is utilized to reduce overheads and peer-to-peer delay, which means in brief, allowing an intermediate node to reply a RREQ message.

In this paper, we concentrate on the DSR protocol and the strategies which are proposed to improve its performance.

Determining source route requires accumulating the address of each device between the source and destination during route discovery.

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A key advantage of source routing is that intermediate hops do not need to maintain routing information in order to route the packets they receive, since the packets themselves already contain all of the necessary routing information.

This, coupled with the dynamic, on-demand nature of DSR's Route Discovery, completely eliminates the need for periodic router advertisements and link status packets, significantly reducing the overhead of DSR, especially during periods when the network topology is stable and these packets serve only as keep-alives.

In MANETs, DSR has been extensively studied since proposed.

One of the most significant strategies that improve DSR is the route cache.