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Lawder’s camera rhythmically penetrates and re-penetrates the length of a carpeted hallway, plunging always toward the apparition of that “naked hippie chick,” who often appears spread-eagle at the corridor’s far end, part Venus of Willendorf, part Vitruvian woman.

The walls of the hallway seem to throb and surge as the film builds momentum, finally climaxing in a spasm of pure light.

porno maneuver that firms up the butt and sneaks out just a bit of extra footage below, that I well and truly felt the recurrence of history.

“My god,” I thought, having never witnessed such a thing in a ‘mainstream’ theatrical feature, even if just in longshot, “they’re playing by nudie cutie rules!

A few more nuts and bolts: “Shot in grainy black and white,” wrote critic/curator Ed Halter, interviewing Lawder for the Village Voice in 2007, “the film comprises a series of shaky tracks and zooms down a narrow hallway (inhabited intermittently by the apparition of a nude hippie-chick) that builds into a dizzying array of superimpositions and reprinting, which in turn builds into flickering monochrome fields, all the while interacting with composer Terry Riley’s synthesized warblings.

in display of anatomically-based evidence that the sexual acts depicted onscreen are authentic -- but remained a thing of stag clubs and peep shows, being plainly illegal. Steele hails from the cast of , assuring us that we are, in some ways, a long way from x-ray specs stripping passerby down to a saucy card deck’s code of attire, YET - it’s going to be tricky making a million production budget back playing unrated, so the not inconsiderable female nudity of is restricted to ladies frolicking underwater or getting murdered.Axell experiments with eroticism by depicting a naked woman passionately embracing a lobster and blurring the line between human and animal.She depicts female sexuality and sensuality as an attempt to fight the patriarchal order, while the lobster – a motif often used by Surrealists of the first half of the 20 century – introduces an element of humorous perversion to the composition.An errant but perfectly centred pubic hair caught at one point in the camera or printer’s gate lends itself as an amusing accident to the overall effect.Like the best sex, Corridor leaves you limp, flush with pleasure, and the fading murmurations of half-glimpsed delights.The Canadian, Fleur-de-Lys and Nordik thwart a zombots attack in Riverdale, Toronto.